The LHA volunteer menu includes Professional Advisory and Student Internship opportunities. We operate on a very small annual budget and are thrilled to accept offers of help in any of the many areas that we need assistance.  Some of the possibilities are listed below. If any of the items appeals to you or if you have a skill or expertise that you could offer to the LHA that is not included, please send an email with a description of your interest to: Contact@lhaction.com


1.      Develop/Write promotional and educational material for LHA

2.      Financial Analysis and Stewardship

3.      Global Consulting for Change (GCC)

4.      Help develop LHA corporate and social relationships

5.      Help Develop University Partnerships

6.      Advise on Integrated information-dissemination and virtual fundraising strategies

7.      Consult and accompany the creation of an LHA Trustee/Organizational Manual


1.      Help locate, facilitate, and negotiate University Chapters for LHA International Partners

2.      Business and/or marketing advice and/or contacts for service or product

3.      Advice and/or networking for promotion of LHA

4.      Advice on how to increase donations

5.      Interactive web design

7.      Think through and set up database to track programs, projects, individual processes


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