Volunteer Libya: Gift of Learning Fundraiser

By Volunteer Libya

Many of us wish to help Libya in any way we can whether it be by volunteering on the ground or from abroad. We are waiting for this opportunity.

Today Volunteer LibyGIFTOFLEARNINGLOGOa in conjunction with the Save the Old city Campaign is proud to present our Gift of Learning program for the disadvantaged kids.

This summer program commence on the first week of June until the end of the summer break. It will be run by our Volunteer Libya staff with the financial help and support from your generous donations.

The Mission of the program is:

The mission of the Gift of Learning program is to improve our youths’ leadership skills through self-discovery using education, arts, and sports.

The Program Purpose is:

1. Provide a fun and safe place for students during summer hours
2. Provide positive interaction with caring role models
3. Encourage and develop life skills, respect for others, and positive social interaction
4. Introduce and engage youth in positive and potentially life changing environment
5. Provide an academic focus on reading and receiving assistance/tutoring in achieving higher scores during the school year.

There are three ways you can participate:

1. 2. Gift registries

Volunteer Libya
P.O BOX 621873
Orlando, FL 32862
United States

a. Walmart wish list:


ship to store : location:
1471 E Osceola Pkwy
kissimmee, fl 34744

b. Amazon:


2. Donate:

a. http://volunteerlibya.org/?p=165
i. Five dollars buys a book for a child, fifty dollars buys 50 books.

3. Volunteer if you are in Libya:

a. Email us:

volunteer@volunteerlibya.org if you can commit to this project

Volunteers are needed in the following area’s
i. Arabic and English volunteers needed
ii. Art volunteers and teachers
iii. Management (to oversee the program)
b. Bring a book to read and leave it for the kids library
c. Bring toys for break time
d. Make a difference by spending few hours helping kids have hope.

Volunteer Libya is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of Washington,USA. All monetary donations are subject to nonprofit exempt status. Direct all your questions to our email at volunteer@volunteerlibya.org

please remember the container leaves first week of may, so All GIFTS AND DONATIONS need to be received by April 28th, 2013, so that we can pack and finishing purchasing everything.